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“Using videos as part of your content marketing strategy is highly recommended”

Science has proven that our brains process visual information much quicker than text which are why videos work so well at promoting products and services.

Using Videos to market your products and services will significantly increase buyer engagement and keep buyers on your pages for longer. In most cases your customer would prefer watching a short video over having to read a great amount of text.

Benefits of using videos to promote your products & services

- Proven to be a highly effective medium to enhance and increase user engagement
- Are a popular way to get your message across
- Generally have a "long shelf life"
- Emails with integrated video improves campaign performance
- Can easily be shared across any social media channel ( FB, Linkedin, Youtube)
- Can be embedded on your website
- Provide your sales team with an engaging asset to educate & showcase your company’s products and services without saying a word!

Using videos as part of your content marketing strategy can be more 'potent' than other types of media. For example a video demonstrating a product or service you offer can be uploaded or embedded on your website, it can then be added to social media channels like YouTube and LinkedIn.

Styles of Video

There are many other styles of videos you can use to promote your products and services but for B2B professionals these are the main styles we recommend.

- Corporate videos
- Customer testimonials
- Product or service demonstrations / presentations
- Product or service reviews
- Educational videos

Depending on what you're trying to achieve we have found that videos between 1-2 minutes are more than effective.

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